Dr Ethan Chong advocates the development of technologies and a society based on the principles of systems engineering and sustainability. His daily endeavors involve the teaching and practicing of engineering design of systems. He works with companies and local agencies in developing intelligent and sustainable systems, including those for military and commercial applications. Areas of knowledge that he exploits include machine learning, engineering design, requirements engineering and those on design for sustainability. Dr Chong envisions an industry driven by cutting-edge research, and an education paradigm founded on requirements elicited from the current and future industries.  Ethan is currently a professor from the Singapore Institute of Technology, where he researches, shares and applies new knowledge to help create a better tomorrow.

Dr. Ngiam Tong Tau

Christopher Yeo has worked in the IT industry for 25 years. He entered it after graduating with a computer science and mathematics degree. His experience spans creating new products to creating new companies, including a software company that grew from inception in 1994 into an internationally-acclaimed supply chain execution software solutions provider. This company designed and built large-scale real-time systems deployed globally for Fortune 500 global companies, like Panasonic and FedEx. Chris was actively involved in the programming, while steering the company as Chief Executive.  More recently, he was Chief Technology Officer, responsible for putting in place a highly scalable and robust architecture and infrastructure empowering rednano.sg and Rednano LOCATE, Singapore Press Holdings' directory and mobile search application, to provide award-winning services. He is passionate about cloud computing, search and Web 2.0 technologies and is currently designing and architecting real-time applications that live natively in the cloud, and researching the use of GPUs to power massively parallel algorithms in the cloud. An active participant in online social networks, he blogs about topics ranging from technology to photography, and continues to do software coding.​

Dr. Steve Kardinal Jusuf is an Assistant Professor in Engineering Cluster, Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services) Program, Singapore Institute of Technology. He has a PhD in Building Science from the Department of Building, National University of Singapore. He received the World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research for his PhD work on air temperature prediction model within urban climatic mapping method (STEVE Tool). His research interests include Urban microclimate; Building Information Modelling (BIM) especially in Facility Management and building energy simulation; Building natural ventilation and passive design; and Green building technology, e.g. green roof, vertical greenery, solar PV. He has worked in a number of research projects with various Singapore government agencies, mainly in the topic of urban microclimate for sustainable urban development.

​​​Dr Ngiam Tong Tau was formerly the CEO of the AgriFood and Veterinary Authority of Singapore and currently  sits on the board of Temasek Foundation Innovates. He also sits on the Boards of several food and agriculture related companies. Dr Ngiam has special interest and experience in preventive veterinary medicine; veterinary public health; food safety; sustainable Agrotechnology in the peri-urban and urban areas; pig and fish farming and animal waste management and treatment. He currently provides consultancy and technical support services in these areas to several companies in Singapore and China.

Dr Ngiam had been at the helm of agriculture and veterinary developments in Singapore over a span of 21 years from 1984 until 2005. As the Director of Primary Production, Ministry of National Development from 1984 until 1999 and as the Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the AgriFood and Veterinary Authority of Singapore from 1999 until his retirement in August 2005, Dr Ngiam had been responsible for all matters pertaining to food, agriculture and veterinary medicine in Singapore. He was responsible for establishing a Food Safety Program which has kept the food supply safe for Singapore. He also established programs to ensure adequate overseas sources and supply of safe food for the Singapore market. He is recognized as the architect for the development of Agrotechnology Parks as well as Aquaculture in Singapore and for keeping Singapore free from exotic infectious diseases in plants, animals and fish. Dr Ngiam was also an Adjunct Professor at the School of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore from 1993-2005.

For his distinguished service, Dr Ngiam has been awarded several national honours including the Meritorious Service Medal; the Public Administration Medal (Gold); Friend of Labour Award; the National Trade Union Congress Meritorious Service Medal; Honorary Fellow, Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology and Honorary Member Singapore Veterinary Association. 

Christopher Yeo

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Dr. Steve Kardinal Jusuf

Dr. Patrick Armengaud

Dr. Patrick Armengaud is a plant and computing scientist at ITK, a knowledge integrator committed to developing easy-to-use, efficient and useful decision-making tools that connect scientific research with production agriculture and allied industries to drive value to the company, its stakeholders and customers. As a Project manager and Agile Product Owner in ITK, he helps develop agronomic decision support tools. Prior to joining ITK, he was a plant physiology consultant in MARS, a research scientist in INRA and a research scientist in the University of Glasgow. Patrick holds a PhD in plant biology from Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens).

Dr. Ethan Chong