Sven Yeo is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded/co-founded the companies In Vitro, BioVocate and BioMachines. Previously, he served as the CEO of BioMachines, an Internet-of-Things startup that developed a platform technology specialising in applications for Agriculture and Smart Cities. Under his leadership, the company became profitable and generated revenues exceeding a million within the 2nd year and has grown the team from 4 to above 10 during his tenure. Their clients included research institutes, government agencies and MNCs in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the US. Sven graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and is passionate about entrepreneurship, design and technology.

Prior to starting Archisen, Vincent Wei co-founded BioMachines,  a startup that developed a platform technology specialising in applications for Agriculture and Smart Cities. As the COO of BioMachines developed and managed projects that involve sensor instrumentation, sensor integration, wireless communications, pervasive networks, cloud computing, and environmental monitoring. As the CFO, he helped the company generate $2.5M in revenue from 2012 to 2015. Vincent holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore. Throughout his career, Vincent has developed a wealth of experience in various IOT projects, including the areas of Agriculture, Urban Microclimate,  Geotechnical Monitoring, Remote Surveillance, Wireless Sensor Networks, Urban Greenery, Environmental Monitoring and Tree Growth Analysis. 


Derrick Poh

Senior Software Manager

Dickson Ng

Crop Scientist

Vincent Wei




Gan Eng Seng

Senior Crop Scientist

Dickson Ng graduated from National University of Singapore studying a group of rarely seen and often misunderstood invertebrates: leeches. He intends to pursue a career in research because he believes that research and experimental work can make the world a better place by giving us depth in our understanding of it. Back in college, he partook in activities ranging from stage acting and contemporary dancing, to leading a team of students to Cambodia for a OCIP under the YEP. On weekends, you might find him riding his bicycle around the island, or if time allows, trekking the mountains of South East Asia. He sees the world through the eyes of a conservation biologist, and as such he tries to go green in all things.

Eng Seng joined Archisen as a senior crop scientist after spending more than 9 years in plant research. In his preceding positions at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), a leading academic institution in Singapore, he focused on the effects of environmental changes on plant growth and the molecular mechanisms underlying such responses. A plant developmental biologist by training, Eng Seng earned his PhD from the National University of Singapore in 2015 and did his post-doctoral work at TLL. In the course of his research work, he published 10 journal articles and reviews, and holds a patent on controlling the flowering of plant via regulating heat-sensitive epigenetic factors. He believes that smart-farming involving automation, IoT and data analytics, is the way to go to feed the world, and hopes to tap on his expertise to contribute to these fields.

Derrick Poh obtained his B.Sc. in Information System. He comes with seventeen years of software development experience and has worked on major projects for companies such as Citibank, Abacus, MARS and Rakuten.  He manages the software team and all aspects of software development in Archisen. Prior to joining Archisen, he has worked in Clozette and as a Technical Manager, and BioMachines as a Senior Software Manager

Sven Yeo