Third Wave Power aims to empower people around the world by improving lives and increasing productivity. By combining sustainable energy with innovative technology and features, we create portable power solutions that are essential for work and life, on or off the power grid. Third Wave Power’s renewable power solutions are used in field work, emergency back-up situations, outdoor environments and rural programs the world over, bringing power to people where it matters and is needed most.

CISCO TAG.PASS is a corporate-startup co-innovation programme focusing on smart technologies, jointly organised by the world’s leader in digital networking and Singapore’s leading venture capital firm, powered by TAG.PASS.

Avarga Limited "Avarga", formerly known as UPP Holdings Limited, is an investment holding company listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX). Avarga's three core businesses are paper manufacturing, power generation and building materials distribution. Avarga operates in 5 countries and employs more than 800 people with an annual revenue of $1.5 billion. These businesses generate sustainable cash flows, progressively diverting into other investments.