Third Wave Power aims to empower people around the world by improving lives and increasing productivity. By combining sustainable energy with innovative technology and features, we create portable power solutions that are essential for work and life, on or off the power grid. Third Wave Power’s renewable power solutions are used in field work, emergency back-up situations, outdoor environments and rural programs the world over, bringing power to people where it matters and is needed most.

CISCO TAG.PASS is a corporate-startup co-innovation programme focusing on smart technologies, jointly organised by the world’s leader in digital networking and Singapore’s leading venture capital firm, powered by TAG.PASS.

Aerospring (Patent Pending) is a vertical aeroponic gardening system whereby the plants are grown in individual pots and placed in a vertical hollow column. The roots of the plants are suspended in air within the column and water is fed up from a bucket reservoir through a threaded system of pipes, through the centre of the pole.

Agrivo International Limited is a Singapore based Agri-business company that was founded in 2015 with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

"Agrivo International Ltd is Asia's premier investment partner for agribusiness opportunities, and we are excited about the potential of Archisen's technology. We are convinced in its ability to disrupt and reinvent the agriculture landscape in a major fashion. Beyond being a client, we have decided to form a joint venture together to leverage on this emerging trend."

                                                      – Nicholas Ho, CEO, Agrivo International