Urban farming is traditionally an art rather than a science. We wish to democratise urban farming by taking the guesswork and complexity out for the grower. Hence, we have developed Croptron™, a smart urban farming software that uses sensors, IoT technology and data analytics to improve farm management processes and crop yields. 

Using sensors, parameters such as microclimate data, plant physiology, soil and water conditions can be monitored in real-time. These data can then be used to intelligently drive decision-making or actuation systems, for instance pumps, through feedback loops based on contextualised data, resulting in “dynamic automation”. Our solution constantly collects growth data and builds on top of existing literature to improve growth recipes for all our clients. 

Urban farm management is enhanced through improved farm planning, irrigation, fertigation, pruning, risks and opportunity management, yield forecasts as well as pest and disease management. Hence quantity and quality of yields can be improved with operational costs reduced for greater profitability.