Archisen on NTU Alumni News

An alumnus of the School of Biological Sciences, Sven Yeo met our co-founder Vincent Wei, from the National University of Singapore, when they both participated in Small World Group, a sustainable technology incubator, in 2011. Together, they started BioMachines, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) company developing off-grid sensing infrastructure for smart cities and agriculture.

Today, Archisen operates one of the highest yielding indoor farms in Singapore, with a projected yield of 100 tonnes of vegetables per year.

Click the link below to hear our founder, Sven Yeo, share more about what motivates him, the challenges he faced and how he overcame them!

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Archisen on the Vulcan Post Singapore

With food security a threat in land-scarce Singapore, there has been constant talks about how urban farming is the sustainable solution for all. For our founders Sven Yeo and Vincent Wei, they came up with a tech-enabled solution from scratch under a company they built in 2015. Today, the company is known as Archisen and operates one of the highest-yielding indoor farms in Singapore at present.

In this feature, Sven and Vincent delve deeper into the reasons why they started Archisen and how they apply technology to farming to help modernise and revolutionise the agriculture industry.

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